The founder of Chef on Rhine, Fatima Sadal, is a young talented woman who aims to bring you the flavors of the world in unique and memorable ways.

Fatima, also known to many as Schee was born in Pakistan to a renowned politician father and a strong-willed stay-at-home mother who instilled in her the importance of believing in herself while emphasizing the values of dedication and self discipline.

A Linguist by training, a home maker by choice and a passionate cook by heart, Fatima has been cooking and hosting formal and informal parties for more than 20 years. She loves to feed and serve delicious and nutritious meals to people and takes everything from grocery shopping to individualizing the menus with great pride and lots of fun.

Being introduced to international cuisines and fine dining experiences at an early age developed in her an appreciation for diversity and variation in food. And this is what is clearly seen in her cooking even today.

Her dishes are rooted in the Pakistani and Indian traditions but a modern and innovative twist speaks of the fusion of cultures she has been able to experience in her life.

With memories as starting point of her cooking, she approaches food with curiosity, deep respect and aims for perfection. Her attention to detail combined with her sense of beauty enables her to pleasantly surprise her guests and she can execute a wide range of dining experiences – fabulous dinners, brunch and breakfast parties, high teas and informal but exquisite home cooking.

For more than four years Fatima has been a highly sought after cooking instructor in and around Dusseldorf. In addition to her regular courses at VHS Dusseldorf, Neuss and Mettmann, she also enjoys providing cooking classes to corporate and private clients.

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